Sunday, June 3, 2018

May '18 Closing Social

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Doorbells and sleigh bells

Angela starts show-n-share with some Christmas quilts

D'Ann already finished her Chic Picnic quilt from April's class!

Holly's cute quilt

Kim's mini

Emily's friendship Rising Star quilt

Lynn's wool applique

Jeanenne's log cabin

Jeanenne's Favorite Things finished

Jeanenne's friendship Rising Star top

Jeanenne's Chic Picnic top

Jayne's Easter mini

The wool bee crew

Challenge fabric finishes

Angela's President gift quilt

Monday, April 30, 2018

April 2018 Guild Meeting

Angela is glad to almost be done as President!

Amy talked about her Chic Picnic class on 4/24

Bee progress

Robyne's Favorite Things top

Geraldine's finished Favorite Things!

Joye's finished Favorite Things!

Alice's cute badge prizes

Angela's "whole cloth" baby quilt

Postage Stamp pillow

Swoon baby quilt

& halloween quilt for a niece

Lori showed a finished QOV quilt

Angie's cathedral windows using the challenge fabric

Judy's panel baby quilt

Debbie's denim quilt

I barely caught a glimpse of Bette's quilt

Bette's beautiful finish

Alice's cherries

Darcy & Marsha's matching Amish quilts

Marsha's fun houses

Kim's floral applique mini

Carma's mini using the challenge fabric

Carma's dragons

Lori's wool applique finally done!

D'Ann's finished friendship quilt

Carol's wool mini - with HSTs that were very tricky!

Carol's log cabin minis

Isobel's Fancy Forest - wow!

Amy's sample for Bernina

Jolene's bright bunk quilt

Cheryl's birthday table runner

Cheryl's use of her cycling fabric

Melanie's latest finish

Shanna finished her wool garden quilt!

Ruthann's valentine yo-yos

Ruthann's project she put off but now likes

Ronene's original design

Andie's fused glass

Angie's delicious cookies