Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Guild meeting

Laurie R.  share great comments a husband could make about his wife's quilts.  Example:  Nice you of color, divine fabric selection,

A big guild Thank You to Ann H. for years of quiet service setting up the chairs for guild meeting each month.

Angie gave a pep talk about the Quilting Retreat that will be held March. 23 - 24.

The fee will include use of the facility, a new sewing retreat lodge built by Thimbles and Threads in Draper, Utah.  It will include the following meals: 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, and 1 dinner.  There will be a trunk show in the evening.  A special class "Summer Stars" by Amber Johnson.  Contact Angie with questions about accommodations and cost.  Transportation will be on your own.

Summer Stars

Debi W. shared a brief story of a recent quilt presentation.  A quilt was presented to a woman who served in the Red Cross in Calcutta India for 3 years during the war.

Angie P. reminder about the February 23rd class.  There is a $5 fee and lunch will be included.  It will be sewing time to work on the 9 patch blocks for the March class.  It would help if you precut strips for the 9 patch blocks.
Precut (60) assorted dark 5 1/4" X 8" rectangles
           (60) assorted lights  5 1/4" X 6 1/2"

 Guild members are welcome to come enjoy great company and free sewing time.  Please contact Angie to sign up and pay your $5 fee.

The workshop class for March will be the wool block of the month basket.
Joyce A.
Shanna G.
Ruth Ann R.

Cheryl gave a rousing pep talk and chocolate to encourage perseverance to see this project through.  Before the March meeting complete your basket to Step #15.  You will need fusible fleece and soft and stable.
A few hints that might not make any sense.  The lining for the pocket forms the top band on the pocket.  
Do not put the grommet in a bulky fabric portion of the top portion of the basket.  The grommets need to be exactly across from each other on the top.  There is no pattern for the embellishments of the top wool band.  I have included some photos of Cheryl's basket.

The red band is the pocket lining
This shows some
embellishment ideas for the wool band
The wool band extends 2.5 inches into the basket.
Put your embellishments on the outside
More basket top
Melanie L.
Framed her applique squares
(She reduced the size of the pattern to fit the frames
Fav 5 was Karen P.  Karen is an "old" new member of the guild this year.  Karen taught at Cedar Ridge Middle School  and attended guild meetings for an hour during her prep hour several years ago.  When her teaching assignment changed she could not attend.  She retired from teaching last spring and is now a "new" member.  Karen learned to sew in her youth and made her own clothes and clothes for her siblings.  She continued to sew for her 4 children.  Now she enjoys piecing quilts.  Her neighbor Anne E. encouraged her get involved in quilting.  Karen has lived in Hyde Park, Smithfield, and Providence.  She has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Her children live in Hungary, Washington D.C., Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.  Her current favorite technique is learning to paper piece.  She has too many Pet Peeves to pick just one.  Her perfect day would be a day with her family.  She enjoys taking classes and learning new techniques and projects.  She likes to read and checks books out of the library.  She also enjoys new project patterns.  It is great to welcome a new member to the guild.
She passed the basket to Cindy C.

Karen P.
a cute project pillow
from a class

Sue B.  Tips and Tricks
Today Sue shared a couple of ideas to prepare quilt backs for the machine quilter.  
1.  Make sure your quilt back is trimmed and squared up.
    Leave:  3" each side baby quilt or throw
                 4" each side twin
                 5" each side queen/king
2.  Make the seam in the quilt back 3/4 to 1".  Trim away the selvage.  Press the seam open.  This will reduce the chance of having a bulk  bump on the back of your quilt.
3.  If you have multiple seams in the back press all of the seams open if possible.

Julie H.  reminded everyone that the challenge is due in April.  It was to create a project that included an Adorn It fabric and gray jumbo ric rac that was provided.

Joan M. drew the name tag winner and Ann E. won some great thread snippers.

Nearly Insane Jolene showed the new blocks for the month.  Blocks #21 -25 with #22 blocks to choose from.

Next month #?
Nearly Insane Blocks

The Sisterhood of the Nearly Insane

Show and Share

Julie's grandbaby quilt
Challenge project
Laurie R.
Winter Quilt Fest project
Lisa F.
Wool block of the month
Lisa F.
Lisa F.
Tic Tac Toe
Two Handmade Peruvian Dolls
Hand wool spinning
from Peru
Amy M.
Valentine fabric
Laura Lee
Paper piecing practice
sewing machine pocket
Laura Lee
Tea towels
Laura Lee
Christmas Apron
Laura Lee
pot holders
Laura Lee
Pot Holders
Laura Lee
Reuseable fabric "wrapping paper"
Marsha B.
Applique quilt from
Henry Ford Museum Quilts Book
Darcy D.
Great minds think alike
The same quilt design as Marsh B.
Marsha B.
Granddaughter's quilt
Marsha B.
Baby quilt
Dance, Dream, Fly
D'Ann B.
Carma W.
Shanna G & Holly E.
Valentine's Fun
Julie H.
Julie H.
A replica of a quilt her mother made
Kathy K.
Grandsons memory quilt
Jolene R.
Valentine pillow sham

Sue B.
Sue B.

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Guild

Happy Birthday to Laurie ! Today was Laurie R. the guild president's birthday.  She endured a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday from the guild.  She provided delicious chocolate cake for everyone to enjoy during the meeting.  We certainly hope she had a great day.

Happy Birthday to you!
Quilts of Valor  Alice and Debi showed the blocks to finish the rest of the year.  I have previously posted the instructions but the graphics were uncooperative.  I will post photos of the blocks here and on the previous posts.

January Block
finished size 10.5"

February Block
finished block 9.5"

March Block
finished block 6.5"
April block
Bring 5 1/2 " red, white and blue squares.  Variety is the key.

February workshop  will be Cobblestones - Under the Garden Moon.  It will be taught by Amy from American Quilting.  The pattern includes a template to assemble the 9 patch blocks.  The class will be February 22nd.

The mini class after guild was tips on machine binding taught by Melanie L.
February will be aprons from men's shirts by Marilyn G.

Challenge  projects will be shown in April with prizes awarded.

Tips and Tricks
Sue showed a thread keeper that she uses when traveling.  She also had a zipper pouch will tools that she likes.  She shared some information about thread that she likes.
She uses an Egyptian Cotton made by Aurifil, which has a smaller weight.  The smaller weight allows more thread to go on the bobbin and especially useful for quilting projects.

Binding  Sue shared information on binding widths.  She likes to adjust the binding width to the project.  On a wall hang in she cuts the binding 2 inch width and sews it with a 1/4 inch seam.
You can also cut it a 2 1/2 inches and use a 3/8 inch seam.

Block of the Month All 8 of the small appliqué blocks should be completed and sewn together with 1 inch strips between for the next guild meeting.

Fav 5 Colette M. was featured today.  This is her first year in the Needles and Friends Guild.  She recently retired from teaching school and is enjoying sewing and quilting.  She grew up in Fillmore, Utah and attended Utah State.  She had 5 children in 7 years.  She learned to sew as a young mother sewing clothing for her children.  She now has 20 grandchildren.
She shared quilts that had special meaning to her.

Quilt blocks pieced
by her grandmother
which she set together

A crazy patch quilt
made by her mother
She made one for each of her grand-children 

Center embroidery for each quilt
by Colette 

Collette loves to read.  She makes lists and crosses off completed tasks.  She likes chocolate.  She collects quotes and saying.  Her pet peeve is running out of bobbin thread!  Welcome Colette.  Next month will be Karen P.

T-shirts for each family member
to celebrate surviving
very difficult challenges

Diane Wilkinson from Utah Quilt Guild shared a lot of information on projects.  Visit their website for more information.  I would probably just confuse you if I tried to relay all of it.

Quild Retreat This year the guild will have a retreat instead of a shop hop.  It will be at Thimbles and Threads in Draper, on March 23 -24.  The cost will be $150 which will include two days and 1 night lodging and meals.  There will be a trunk show.  The list was passed around to get a count of those interested.

Please remember to wear your Name Tag
Joan M.
draws the name of the
prize winner
Nearly Insane  They maybe nearly insane for participating in this paper piecing challenge but still look happy.  Pictures can be found on Jolene Hill's page on Pinterest.

The blocks for next month.
Block #16

Block #17

Block #18

Block #20
Due to technical difficulties or an attitude, Block #19 will not stay with the other blocks and is found at the end of the blog post.

Show and Share

Ruth Ann 

Ruth Ann

Kathryn G.

Kathryn G.
Melanie L.
great sewing machine
wheeled carry-on

Cheryl C.

Carma W.

Lori J
snowman pillow sham

Sue B.

Angela F.

Angela F.
Yeah, I finished it!

Shanna G.

Jayne S.

Maria L.

Lisa H.
Wool applique

Kathryn G.

Kathryn G.

Kathryn G.

Block #19
(I have no idea why it will not stay with the other blocks!)

Happy Winter Quilting to you!