Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guild Meeting November 2010

We love quilt guild day...not only do we get to see beautiful quilts and projects in progress, but we get to hang out with wonderful people.  Quilt friends are the among the sweetest people around.

And speaking of sweet...
 sometimes we get a real treat when adorable young quilters come along with their Momma's

Our delightful president welcomed new members today.
Welcome everyone...glad to have you.

 Julie Murdock is our librarian and also shared a great tip.  If you happen to get marker on your wood cabinets...try using a dry eraser marker over the top of it. 

 Julie Thomson (name tag board member) introduced us to Amber Cullumber who is new to our guild.  Amber has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  She loves to sew and plays the clarinet.  Amber shared a couple of quilts she had made.

 Welcome to Needles and Friends Amber!

 Tina Elwood taught us to use beautician's tape to keep our threads in order.  

 And then it was time for Musical Stash...

 So...be warned...if you are going to pull faces at the photographer...the photographer reserves the right to publish the photo.  Love you Jill!

 Keep your eye on Judy during musical stash...she's so much fun to watch!


 Ew... wonder what's in this one?

 Brenda, what did you get?

 This is the Judy laugh we know and love...

 Cute...look what I got!

 Diana King won the Block Snatch blocks, which were Paper Doll dresses including the doll block.  
Perfect...Diana has a new grand baby girl!

 Round Robin miniatures are shaping up to be very sweet indeed.

 Do you love that smile?

We can't wait to see how these turn out!

Debi and Lisa presented the Friendship Block final count.  62!  
Everyone was so happy that they get to make 62 blocks...haha!

The mystery quilt is ongoing...check Holly's blog for directions.

The workshop for this month is Service Pillowcases.  

Block of the month continues...try to keep up!

Our next meeting will be at Hamilton's for the Christmas Social on Dec 14th at 10:00 am.  
The regular meeting agenda will take place.

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So wonderful to see everyone today...can't wait to see what projects you will share for December!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guild Meeting 10.12.10

Welcome to another meeting of Needles and Friends Quilt Guild.

Here is our President looking very presidential...discussing matters with her right hand.

Playing musical stash.

What will there be in the bag today?

The block snatch winner will receive this paper doll block.

Debi gives the details for "Spoolin Around".  We are going to end up with a very fun quilt.
Some sweet handwork being stitched while the meeting is going on.

This is the color wheel for the Spoolin Around friendship blocks.

Needles and Friends quilters are always busy creating something beautiful.

Tips and tricks...raise your table!

Block of the month

Round Robin members display their first row.

Fabric selection for the mystery quilts.

Angie with a mischievous grin...only she knows the secrets of the Retreat Shop Hop coming up in March 2011.

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