Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guild Meeting 9/13/11

Like #2 pencils, fresh unmarked notebooks and kids back in school...nothing signals the coming of Fall like the first day of quilt guild. 

Cheryl Christiansen is our new guild president for 2011-2012. It's a thankless job...sort of like PTA president, only the kids are older and bigger, but hopefully better behaved!

She has spent the summer months preparing for this day. We love her for all that effort...when you see her next month, tell her THANK YOU! Cheryl has gathered a wonderful board to help throughout the year. If you haven't been on the board lately...speak up and take a turn next year. It takes many hands to keep a great guild running well.

Friends gather from all over the state and that's dedication!

We are like kids on the first day of school...picking our seats, catching up with friends, chat chat chat!

Excitement is pulsating...and it all begins with our President. Now hold on to your toenails...because there is a LOT happening that you are invited to participate in this year! Pay attention.

Yea for new name badges...thanks Carol!

Musical Stash monthly assignments are announced by Nancy. My favorite is January "Favorite Quilting Snacks" Make sure you check the information under "Musical Stash" on the home page if you can't remember what to bring each month.

President-elect Judy reads a touching thank you for blocks prepared last year. Thanks Judy for arranging and assisting us in participating.

The first workshop will be taught by Jolene Hill...and this is what we are making. Isn't that fabulous?

Friendship blocks for this year...Annette has picked the churn dash pattern.

Which means we will be able to make this quilt if we would like. Can you say awesome...I knew you could!

Amy Maxfield will be leading something new this year called Needle-Turn Applique Class. We will meet at 9:00 before guild for a few months. One of the blocks will be the center block used for the friendship quilt setting...fabulous!

Jill told us a quilt story...encouraging us to find what inspires us and do it!

Tammy Munk put together the block of the month quilt...isn't it beautiful! Thanks Tammy...this is another hard job!

OK not quilting related...but I adored this hair decor from the cute person sitting in front of me. If I were only younger and could pull that off.

Round Robin...sorry about the closed eyes LaReen...I took 2 and they were closed both times! Go ahead and fire me please!

Nancy Drew mystery...I don't care what the end result is...I just want to play because Leslie Bergeson makes it SO DARN FUN!

She even read to us all about Nancy...have you started on your first clue? Or are you clueless?

Another new addition...this time from the ever adorable Leisa Firth of Black Sheep Woolens. She has designed a wool block of the month.

October's block...

November's block...

Quilt Wars...the charity quilt project for this year! Colonel Robinson gives us the details.

She has some really great captains assisting her with the project.

Give us your orphan blocks, your spare batting, and your yardage and we will turn it into magic!

Did anyone else notice that Jill never strayed from her that!

Also...did anyone else notice the dry-cleaning tags hanging from all of the camo outfits. Classy!

Tammy Jewkes gave us instructions for the challenge this year...Paper bag challenge that is!


BIG thank you to everyone and your's going to be a wonderful year!


  1. Lisa...the blog looks awesome! Thanks for all the time you are putting into it! We are off to another great year!

  2. It's so fun to check this out and see the beautiful quilts over and over! Thanks and thanks again for all of your work to keep up this blog.