Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 2012

Announcing the Needles and Friends Christmas Social
December 11, 2012

Marilyn would like everyone to bring food panty items to the meeting.

Anything from the list above will be so appreciated.

A remind as to what the friendship block looks like. You may use various greys if desired.

 Judy is the winner of Block Jo!
The embroidery club members are excited to share their work...

and receive a little prize!

Sue taught us her trick to use less fusible product in our quilts by cutting out the middle of the shape.

Mystery quilt participants

share their work.

And recive incentives for hard work including aprons...

and chocolate!

Angie announced shop hop! We will be going on Wednesday March 20th. Shops include Corn Wagon, Gracie Lou's, American Quilting, Elaine's, Piper's, Quilter's Haven, My Heritage Fabrics at Rainbow Gardens. We will finish up by having dinner at Timbermine restaurant. Sounds fun! It's first come, first pay, gets first seating on the bus. Thanks Angie...your bus trips are the best!


 See you all at the Christmas social!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 2012

With Fall sitting right on our front is time for October's quilt guilt gathering. 
A few last minute details are recorded on the agenda.

President Judy and Secretary Debi are going over details, or else discussing what they are each making for dinner.

Details for the Christmas social were announced and a flyer handed out which is included below...

Amy and Judy are the lone participants in Rockin Round Robin this year.

Cherl handed out the insturctions and patterns for "50 Shades of Grey" Friendship blocks this year. Jill wanted to make sure I included one correction...

Omit this step... "6 strips 5 inches wide cross-cut into 48 squares." If you have any questions just call Cheryl or Jill.

Embroidery club will be making these.

It's awesome to win at Block Jo!
Here is next month's pattern.

The first month's packet of The Block of The Month was distributed.

Kim Williams handed out the first clue for the mystery quilt.

This is Amy's fabric choices for her mystery the box!

Other brave participants and their fabric choices.

Challenge Quilt participants this year all came home with a bag.

Jolene went back to basics when instructing us how to
Square Up

She mentioned that Creative Grids were her favorite kind of rulers.

We learned about the Rose of Sharon block from Julie and it's biblical reference and beginnings.


See you all next month!