Friday, May 18, 2012

April Guild 2012

It takes a lot of courage to sign up for Friendship blocks...knowing you could be committing to 10 blocks or a whopping 64! This year the number was very reasonable...with 25 being the magic number.

Block were due today and here is the group that played along...minus a couple and the photographer.

Sorting is the worst favorite job there is!
Wool projects are turning out fabulous...kudos to Leisa Firth for inspiring us each month with beautiful designs!

Meeting a new member

and oohing and aahing over her quilts!

The mystery quilt over-achievers brought their finished quilt tops. These are amazing ladies! Great job, and congratulations on keeping up. Ask me if I have even started...nope!
Leslie's newest version of the quilt. Thank you Leslie...we have loved your darling presentation each and every month.
Jill has another quilt story for us...this time about sharing your quilts.
I just wish Jill would share those pink shoes...yummy! They kind of remind me of sherbet!

Now I know we all thought those ladies who played in the Challenge this year...were crazy. But who is crazy now...look at these adorable quilts these ladies are taking home. You snooze you lose girls!


See you all on May 8th for our closing social.

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