Friday, September 28, 2012

September 2012

 Welcome to another exciting fun-filled year of Needles and Friends Quilt Guild.
Judy Brown is our president this year with Debi Booth as her secretary.

So much excitement in the room before we start.

Amy Maxfield is in charge of Round Robin this year which she is calling "Rockin Robin!" She is trying something new this year...
 Sue Baddley will be in charge of the block of the month "Freedom Quilt" this year.

Jill Mortenson and Cheryl Christiansen gave us a parade of Friendship Blocks from the past.

This year's friendship block exchange is called...

 "50 Shades of Grey."
Lyn Blakely will be teaching embroidery in the embroidery club.

Kim Williams is putting together the Mystery Quilt for us this year.

With these rules.

Jolene Riplinger is in charge of the Challenge Quilt.

Linda Stahely has us all excited for Block Jo this year.


The instructions for this month's block called Country Farm can be found by clicking the following link.

Tammy Jewkes who is President Elect explains all the workshops this year.

Carol Armstrong is the librarian this year...please see her for books to check out. But don't forget to return them to the librarian.

Julie Hustad gave us the history of the double wedding ring quilt.

Laurie Robinson will be running the Charity Quilts again this year.

Pam Nish explained how the Guild Cook Book is going to be compiled. There will be a contest to see who has the best name for the book.

This month, please bring all your recipes for COOKIES!

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Great show everyone...thanks for coming!

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