Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shop Hop 2012

Just like the banner says at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop...


And celebrate we did!

 And it's true, the road to a quilt shop is never long...especially when you are travelling on "Le Bus"

with K.K.K.Karolyn driving!

 So long Cache Valley...we'll be back tired, not hungry, and stuffed with fabric!

 There were prizes along the way.

 Who doesn't love prizes?

 Angie our cruise director...planned the event and executed it with style.

 We learned that some of us keep some pretty funny things in our sewing wool sleeves.

 But at least we were all good sports,

 and could laugh at ourselves...

 or our husbands...

 but especially at our hubbies!

 First stop...Quilting Cottage.

 A sea of happy shop hoppers.

The displays at all the shops caught my attention...but loved this sign "Too much of a good thing is wonderful". I guess that means I'm OK to keep building my stash?

 Spring has found it's way...and we enjoyed beautiful weather.

Debi told us she has very few unfinished projects...her hubby found one. Maybe she can help me finish mine!

 Material Girls is always a fresh, fun stop,

where we ate outside and found ourselves yelling "Auntie Em" as the wind blew away our lunches!

Jill's daughter entertained us with a new sewing idea...if you weren't there, you will just have to ask Jill about it! Very funny indeed!

And then I had to leave to catch a flight to no more photos! But I hear you finished up in style!

Thank you, thank you Angie...your efforts went above and beyond! We had sunch a fabulous time!

Monday, April 2, 2012

March 2012 Guild Meeting

Spring is trying very hard to show up in our little valley. 
Meet Deann Belnap a new member of our quilt guild.

The mystery quilt should be looking something like this.

A few are still keeping up.

Jill told us a wonderful quilt story with the adage..."Let every tub sit on it's own bottom."

The final wool project for next month will look like this.

Jolene taught us some wonderful yo-yo tips!

Round Robins...