Friday, March 29, 2013

Shoppin and Hoppin

What a day of fun we had on our annual shop hop this year.

A bus full of chattering, excited quilters left Logan around 7:30 am. And that was about the last time we were on time with our schedule...but no one cared!

Angie always has adorable and useful gifts for us once we get on the bus.

A big shout out to our back of the bus girls.

You guys deserved the prizes you were given.

Jill showing off the ring pin cushion that Leisa from Black Sheep Woolens made for us...also, Jill hates having her photo taken.

Friends all the way from California came along for the trip.

The first stop was in Springville...we had a long drive ahead.

Prizes like the one Leisa won from Anthropology were part of the fun.

Our bus driver tried to help everyone off the bus.

Most of us politely refused.

First stop...Corn Wagon. This would be the beginning of getting behind on the schedule...but no one cared.

I fell in love with this quilt rack.

      Next stop Gracie Lou's.

We got used to standing in long lines to check out...but no one cared!

Getting off a bus

has never been so much fun.

Our lunch was waiting for us at American Quilting in Orem.

Loved this for a sewing room quilt!

And everyone adored this quilt!

We found ideas for future friendship quilts on the trip.

Joan would show us her smooth dance moves later that evening on the bus.

Pipers was another great stop. The bus driver was having a difficult time exiting the parking lot when it came time to leave and asked Angie and I to help...

luckily I was wearing my traffic stopping boots.

A great demonstration on applique was fun to watch upstairs in Pipers.

Some of us got to have an extra treat and arranged to meet our grandkids along the way. Here is Leisa with baby Owen and Miss Molly. Isn't she the cutest grandma?

Some of us kept busy on the bus.

It's funny how we all sort of gathered to the same favorite quilts in each of the stores. This one was called the Red Cross quilt.

Happy Birthday to Miss Carol!

These two made great purchases during the trip. Another fabulous quilt or two is in the works.

And Angie...dear sweet are the best! Around nearly every bend of this shop hop she had another surprise or treat ready for us. She worked tirelessly to keep us on schedule...which we weren't...and which no one cared!

These cookies are a shop hop tradition. YUM!

A fun purchase from the day.

What a fabulous day! Of course a huge shout out to everyone who assisted but especially to Angie for making the day a delightful adventure. WE LOVE SHOP HOP!

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