Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quilts of Valor Presentation . . .

for Ann Humphreys' daughter, Kelly.

Debi Weston held a special package in her arms and introduced Ann, Kelly's Mom as the one to present the very special Quilts of Valor quilt pieced by many of the gals in the Guild and quilted by Judy Brown.

Ann started out by telling us that Kelly's dad said when she joined the Marines and still says today when people find out she was in the Marine Corp, "the Marines needed a few good men so she joined.

Ann told us that Kelly was with the MALS 39 unit and worked with ammunition/gun and rocket systems that went on the ah-1 cobra, the ch-46 and the Huey.  She spent 4 years active duty and 4 years
inactive reserve.

Ann also shared that Kelly spent 7 and a half months in the Middle East.  Ann said that when she asked what she did there she said she charged Iraqi nationals to take pictures with her.  Since their money wasn't worth anything she could charge them whatever she wanted.  More importantly  she worked with eod (explosive ordnance disposal) to get rid of ammo caches. Ordnance is ammunition and bombs.

Kelly's family and friends are very proud of her for her service to our country.  and laughingly, Ann said that Kelly reminded her every time she left that "Marines don't cry".  You can bet that Ann cried every time Kelly left.

Debi then made the formal presentation of the quilt.

And then the big unveiling!!  What an emotional time for Mom and daughter!!  And what a great kid for protecting her country with her life!!

Thank you, Kelly!!  
We appreciate your service and your courage!!
And thank you, Ann, for being such a cool Mom!!

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