Friday, March 21, 2014

Hoo's excited for Shop Hop 2014

Our adorable Owl Pin
by Leisa Firth

On Wednesday, March 19, the guild members gathered for the 5th Annual Shop Hop.  It was an early opening by the cooperative staff at Bernina.  The shop opened at 6:30 a.m. to provide a gathering place to board the bus.  They provided a great discount and sent us on our way.

 Everyone grabbed a quick breakfast and boarded the bus at exactly 7 a.m.

We did receive instructions from the bus driver that we were not to scream or squeal, break the blinds because they cost $500 to replace, and try not to use the bathrooms.   We all smiled and agreed, so let the fun begin.

Notice how happy the driver is when we get off of the bus

Gracie Lou's in Salem, Utah
Happy shoppers

Notice the bright green bags and adorable owl pins.  Angie gave us the bags and pins to entertain us while we traveled.  It was only the beginning of the fun.

Corn Wagon Quilt
Springville, Utah

Corn Wagon Quilts

American Quilting in Orem

Zupas lunch in the sun

Thimbles and Threads
Draper, Utah

Thimbles and Threads is moving across the street by the end of the year.  Judy gave us a great Vanna White impression showing us the architectural drawings.

Pine Needles
Historic Gardner Village
West Jordan, Utah

Pine Needles at Gardner Village  provided the most complicated discounts of all.  We also found out what a "wonky" pattern is.  It was a delightful to discover how big the storage areas under the bus were.  We picked up a few extras, a cute pink chair and a yellow bird cage.  

Elaine's quilt shop
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Two cooperative shop hoppers
for a blog photo moment

Carol shows her great shopping find at Elaine's
a unique quilt kit named
Family Tree

Quilter's Attic
Bountiful, Utah

Sorry about the focus!
I think my eyes were tired!
The chalkboard says
Welcome, Logan quilters
 The final shopping stop was a new shop in Bountiful, Quilter's Attic.  We were behind schedule but they waited for us to arrive.  The shop was wonderful.  The staff was excited to welcome a bus load of quilters.  They have fun days throughout the week, for example "Moda Monday's",  when one of the Moda lines is on sale for 20% off!  Check out their fun Facebook page.

We were now almost homeward bound.  The final stop was Maddox for dinner.

So many shops in one day,
it is enough to make your head spin

A big thanks to Angie for all of her hard work.  It was a fun day.  She kept us laughing.  There were many great prizes and we learned some interesting things about members of our guild!  We could share some tips on how to get a day off work to go on Shop Hop!

"Hoo" had a fun day?
Thanks, Angie

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  1. Looks like a great time was enjoyed by everyone!! Great post, Marilyn!!