Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilts of Valor Presentations

There were two quilts presented at the Closing Social on May 13th.

The recipients were John Watterson and Linda Hodges.

John served in Viet Nam.  Right before he was due for leave he was walking the point and triggered a booby trap.  He was seriously injured.  He lost both of his legs and the vision in one eye.  When they removed the bandages from his eyes he could see with his remaining eye.  He knew then that he would be alright and could accomplish anything.  He returned to the family farm in Benson and modified equipment to continue to work.  He owned his own business and later graduated from college.  He work for many years for the USDA and recently retired.  He is an outstanding example of never giving up.

John and his wife, LuDean

Joyce Adams nominated her friend and neighbor, Linda Hodges.  Linda served in the Army Reserves.  She is a Registered Nurse.  She was a single mom with 3 children when she was activated.  She managed to keep her family functioning at home while she served.  She served as the director of medical facilities.  When a change of position required more training she enrolled in school to be qualified for the position.  She eventually earned a PhD in Sociology and taught on the university level.  She has also taught nursing.  She serves as the secretary of the women's organization  in her church.    She worked as an RN at Logan Regional Hospital.  She is now retired but still has a passion for learning.  She is currently volunteering at The Garden Gateway (a local nursery) because she wanted to learn the secret behind their amazing hanging baskets.

Joyce Adams and Linda Hodges

The two recipients of the quilts presented at the May closing social

This quilt was presented the quilt on June 22nd in Smithfield.  Bryan and Katie Blair were visiting from North Carolina.  Bryan is a Major in the Army.  He is a West Point graduate.  He has been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan twice, and Paraguay.  The family has spent a lot of time separated because of his service.   They were delighted with the beautiful quilt.

Thanks to all of the quilt guild members who have participated in the Quilts of Valor service project this year.

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