Friday, October 24, 2014

October Quild Meeting

Sherry, a new guild member, shared her Fave 5 she loves.  She lives in Wellsville and recently moved to the area from Ohio.
She loves to collect things.  Her collections include fabric (of course) beads, rocks, plants and flowers, and rubber stamps.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she loves to make it magical.
It was delightful to get to know her better.  Welcome to Needles and Friends.  She passed the spotlight to Rachel.

This beautiful appliqué quilt that was created by her mother.

Tips and Tricks by Angela.  I was a little distracted but here is what I can remember.  Store you scissors away from moisture and avoid dropping them which can knock the blades out of alignment.
She shared a list of online shopping resources.
She also encouraged shopping local.  Quilt shops in our area are gathering places to share ideas and get inspiration.  Local shops are also more service oriented.  Besides if you are really a quilter you love to "pet" the fabric which is impossible online!

Jessica invited guild members who signed up for the Challenge Quilt to show their inspiration photos, art, or postcards.  It will be fun to see the results of these artistic ladies.

The ladies shared the beginning of their Row Robin.  They created the first row, set the theme, and selected fabric/color scheme.  Let the creative magic begin!

The featured Block for this Month was the Log Cabin
Melanie gave us a little history about the block.  The design was found on the floors in Egypt tombs.  The red center block is thought to represent the hearth.  A yellow center represents welcome.  During the Civil War a black center was used as a sign for the underground railroad.
Guild members brought quilts that used this block.  They were amazing, thanks for sharing.




I am sorry I missed the names

Judy's perfect circles

The mini class immediately following guild in November will be piecing a circle taught by Judy.  It will be a demonstration only so stay after guild and learn this great tip from Judy.

Debbie, encourages us to continue the Quilts of Valor project this years.  We have had some amazing stories from recipients.  

These two quilts were completed by another guild in the valley several years ago but never presented.  Debbie will make sure they find a good home.

Debbie points out the blocks for next month

Show and Share



Jill's Halloween creations

Lynn is that you?


Julia's comforter for her grandson

notice the photo of her grandson

Marilyn L

Marilyn L


Rhonda is a lovely quilter that we have been missing for a while.  A group of her friends brought Halloween quilts made from a pattern that Rhonda designed.  Rhonda is know for her distinctive Flying Geese.  They were included in many of the quilts.

Rhonda's Halloween quilt

Julie or Lisa?



Creative calendar holder


Shauna's wool projects
featuring Grandma's coat buttons


Thanks for showing and sharing

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