Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Guild

The meeting began with Melanie sharing Top 10 Reasons to Buy Fabric.
1. It insulates the cupboard where it is kept.
2.  It keeps the economy moving.  It is my duty to support
cotton farmers, textile mills and fabric shops.
3.  It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.
4.  I'm participating in a contest - the one who dies with the most fabric wins.
5.  It keeps without refrigeration, you don't have to cook it to enjoy it,
you'll never have to feed it, change it, wipe its nose or walk it.
6.  Because I'm worth it.
7.  Like dust, its good for protecting previously empty spaces in the house.
Like the ironing board, the laundry basket and dining room table.
8.  Its not immoral, illegal or fattening.  It calms the nerves, 
gratifies the soul and makes me feel good.
9.  Because it is on sale.
10.  But it now, before your husband retires and goes 

with you on all your shopping expeditions!

Guild Workshops

Rachel shows her Winter Wonky

Debbie show the Fall Tablerunner
for November

This pillow will be a
December workshop
before the Christmas Social
Tips and Tricks by Angela 
1. Start a quilters notebook ideas:  list skills that you want to learn and skills that you have mastered, list of unfinished projects,  a page for each completed quilt, with pattern name, date started, hours (are you kidding?)  fabric line, cost.  
2. Sharpening rotary cutter blades.  Try cutting tin foil to renew an edge in a pinch.  Clean and oil your rotary blade.  flip the blade to cut on the other side of the angle.
3.  Keep patterns in a 3 ring-binder.
4. Learn basic care for your machine.
5. Buy fabrics in sizes that you use the most.
6.  Sharpenig scissors is $4.21 at Wimmers. (Cheaper that new scissors)
7.  Angela discovered a thread cutter that makes quick work of chain together pieces.
8.  Use Pellons new 8 1/2 X 11 Wonder Under in you printer instead of tracing every piece.
9.  Create numbered pins to mark what rows.  You can purchase ins with large flat heads to number.

Angela show the Handy Dandy Thread Cutter

Rachel from Wellsville shared her Fav Five.
Rachel enjoys dirt biking, sewing, painting, scrapbooking.  She has collections of shoes, jackets, and is now starting on Precious Moments.  She loves Halloween and Christmas.  Next month will be another Rachel.

A cozy quilt for a gifr


A beautiful wreath with Rachel in the middle

Thanks Rachel it is great to get to know you.  Next month will be another Rachel.

Angie announced the upcoming Shop Hop 2015.  It will be March 18, 2015.  The cost is $85 which includes the bus, meals, prizes, and a full day of shopping.  

Block of the Month

Rachel, Lisa, Melanie

Lisa, Christina, Angie, Annette, Shanna

The two blocks for next month
Challenge Quilt participants brought their inspiration photo and fabrics.

Judy's inspiration is the patch work fields

Debra was delighted
to discover help with her Mandarin Chinese caption

Lyn is using this beautiful art
as her inspiration for a whole cloth quilt
with embroidery

Cheryl is inspired
by a beach cruiser bicycle

Melanie is also inspired by a bicycle

Row Robin participants show off their creative additions.  
Annette, Jolene H., Cheryl, Lyn

Melanie, Laurie, Emily

Hear ye, hear ye, the UFQ participants were due to enter their pleas today.  Lisa F. the gavel happy judge presided.  Each participant declared guilty or not guilty to completing an unfinished quilt by the deadline.  My unofficial count was 30 completed projects.  Those that were absent were pronounced guilty by the happy judge.  The UFQ's were shown during show and share.

The featured Block of the Month was the Pinwheel.  Melanie shared some general quilt history and guild members shared some pinwheel projects.


Jolene R.

Marilyn G.

Extreme Show and Share
(because of all the wonderful UFQ's)


Marilyn G.
Winterfest wool project

Marilyn G.
ruffled French Market apron

Aunt Millie's Garden Club

Geraldine's baby quilt

Ruth Ann's UFQ




Joyce A.

Lori C.

Lisa H.

Lisa H.
Two of many wonderful wool stockings

Angie P.

Donna T.
Machine embroidered pillows

Donna T.

Laurie R.
looking forward to Christmas

Holly is behind this fun quilt

Holly's cute face and the back of the quilt


Bag made of the selvage trims



Karren with a UFQ

Karren's daughter Abby
with the next generation of quilters
Abby's UFQ

Animals from It's a Circus
made by Dot

Dot shows the a circus bag for the animals


this log cabin was made
with 18 fat quarters collected from guild

Linda C.

Lisa F.

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