Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Quilt Guild

Melanie opened the meeting with great advice, most of which I can't remember.  One gem was that a quilters greatest fear is that her husband will sell all of quilting stuff for what she told him it cost.
Another was advice on how to handle wanting to be "skinny".  We all are covered with skin so when you look in the mirror just say "Don't I look skinny today!"

Next month's workshop will be hexes by Lisa G.

Laura Lee shows her completed workshop project

Laura Lee's quilted pocket piece

Tips and Tricks by Angela.
1.  Use a pipe cleaner to clean the nooks and crannies of you sewing machine.
2. Use Painters tape to make quilt for straight line quilting.
3.  Use a cook book holder to hold pattern books.
4.  Mark you thumb to provide a guide for stitch spacing on the blanket stitch.

Use marks on your thumb

Angie gave final details for the Shop Hop.  See schedule below:

Fav 5 with Ann
Ann's interests include: reading crocheting, knitting and pulling apart, embroidery, cooking (especially hot rolls).

It's not junk
It's a collection
sign hangs in her sewing room

Ann does collect pigs.  Growing up on a farm she learned to love baby pigs.  She has a collection or adorable pigs with personality.
Ann loves pigs,
she can't resist fabric with pigs on it.

Ann loves pansies
 We discovered that she loves many things that start with P.  pigs, pansies, and purple!

Ann enjoys making dolls

A lovely embroidery project she did

A quilt from her hope chest
She did the embroidery

Another piece of wisdom from Ann.  "Use the things in your hope chest or your husbands second wife will!"

Ann's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  She loves to cook a wonderful meal and gather her family.  She loves the leftovers even more.
Ann's two favorite candy bars
#1 Three Musketeers
#2 Milky Way
 Ann mentioned that her famous people were two locals that she went to high school with, Craig Jessop and Michael Ballam.  It was fun to get to know the soft spoken Ann. 

Block of the Month  Goal 9 blocks completed!  Jolene explained how to make the bias border. Give her a call if you didn't "get it".

Jolene R. 9 blocks Wahooo
Angela with a light, bright twist

Judy B. with 9 blocks

Angela, Annette, Angie

Challenge Quilt two quilts were shown that used a photo or colors for a modern quilt.

Angela's interpretation of photo of a street in Venice

Emily's quilt using
the color swatches
Well done ladies!

Quilt EZ  A company in Logan is developing upgrades for Long Arm Quilting Machines.  As part of the development process they provide the machine and frame, and step by step instructions.  The quilter provides (thread, needles, batting, quilt-top, and a love of quilting).  They will ask for your feedback after your experience.  The machine is available M - F from 8:00 - 5:30.  Contact info:  435-243-0172 or email sales@quilt-ez.com

Round Robin  one more row next month

The featured blocks were Dear Jane.  Sue Baddley shared some of her knowledge and experience with Dear Jane quilts.
Sue's first Dear Jane

Sue's second Dear Jane

Dear Jane quilts are made with 225 blocks.  Each block is different as well as the fabric.

Rachel H. also shared some of her blocks but I didn't get a good photo.

Judge Lisa presided over the UFQ hearing.  22 reported not guilty by completing their unfinished quilt.  It was rumored that some quilters are staying home rather that face the fearsome judge.
Judge Lisa
Quilts of Valor 
Debi showed the new blocks for the month.  She will be setting up a Quilts of Valor workday at My Girlfriends Quilt Shop,  Watch for an email update.

A completed quilt
quilted by Marilyn D.

The flag block for next month

Show and Share
Cheryl C.
Christmas tree skirt with yo-yo's

Lyn B.
mini with embroidery

Ruth Ann's wool project

Julie M.

Annette L.

Kris M.
explains her theory of making a block
every few months

D'ann B.
quilt made from a bottle of fat quarters

Christine H.
Valentine mini

Christine H.

Joyce A.
yo-yo quilt

Holly and Rachel
paper pieced Valentine arrow
I think I heard "I will never paper piece again!"

Holly's long arm quilter block exchange

Lynne S.

Laura Lee

Rachel H.
Easter row quilt

Brenda's table work station

Brenda's matching iron tote
Lisa H.

Kathy K.

Kathy K.

Kim J.

Sue B.
Ready for next Christmas

Marilyn G.
Enchanted Wonky

Melanie L.

Thanks for sharing, have a great month.

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