Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Guild Meeting

I only attended the beginning of the meeting so the information will be brief, but maybe it is better that way!
What Level Fabric Lover are You?
I buy fabric . . .
when I need it                                  Level 1    Nothing to Worry About
every time there's a sale                  Level 2   A manageable Affection   
when I feel like it                            Level 3       Worrisome   
if I happen to be walking by a fabric store        Level 4    Maybe we should talk
when no one is home (so I can hide it)              Level 5   This isn't funny anymore
Buy?  I sneak scraps from my friends houses    Level 6  We are sorry you are beyond our reach

12 Step Program for Quilters    Never Go More than 12 Steps from a Quilt

Please take a moment and review the information for the May Social.

The meeting will be held at the LDS church that is across the street west of Sky View.  
It is always great fun so make plans to be there.

The Springville Museum of Art
Utah Quilt Show
Call for entries

The April 28th workshop will be "hexies" taught by Lisa Garlick.

The completed quilt
All of the hexie units are appliqué

The supply list for the workshop

The completed blocks for the Friendship Block exchange.  I can't wait to see the completed quilts.  Congratulations ladies on a job well done.

Tips and Tricks
Angela shared her tips and tricks.
Use thread with a little more contrast to make it easier for "old eyes" to unpick.
Use a mug to hold large oversize spools when you are sewing.
Someone with way too much time on their hands created this guideline for proper sewing position.
Thanks Angela for your handy Tips and Tricks.

A pillowcase project for CAPSA.  Joni Axtell and Diana show some pillow cases and pillows that will be donated to CAPSA.  When women and children stay at the shelter the pillow and case that they use goes home with  them.  There is a constant turn over and pillows and cases are are always needed.  Any size pillow is useful including small travel pillows.

Fav 5
Julie Marshall shared a little about herself.  It was fun to get to know her.  She likes nature, bike rides, hiking, photography, flowers, and seeing the beauty around her.  Her collection is rocks.  She picks up a rock from hikes or other adventures and then writes the place and date on the rock.  Then she can remember the fun times with her family and friends.

Julie has a rock collection
which is really a memory collection

Her favorite butter biscuit and chocolate from Germany
(After returning home she discovered they sell them at Lee's)
Julie's favorite holiday is Christmas.  She loves the lights, music, family and focus on the Savior.  Her claim to meeting a famous person is accidental.  When the Logan Temple was rededicated she was waiting for the elevator and when the doors opened President Spencer W. Kimball was on the elevator.  It was great to get to know something about Julie.
The next Fav 5 will be Diana King.

 Block of the Month  The participants in this challenge showed their completed quilt tops.  WOW!

Lisa F.  Hand applique 

Jolene R.

Row Quilts, the final row

The meeting got a little out of order because of early departures.
Marilyn G.
Workshop table runner

Linda C.

Linda C.

Linda C.
Quilts of Valor

UFQ's  with Judge Lisa presiding.  Notice the happy faces of quilters with complete quilts.  Quilting is indeed good for the soul.

Show and Share

Sue B.

Lynne S.

Lynne S

Laurie K.

Shanna G.

Shanna G.

Alice C.


Angie P.

Angie P.

Angie P.

Angie P.

Angie P.

I am not sure what vitamin supplement Angie is taking  but she certainly shared several beautiful completed projects.  Maybe it was post Shop Hop therapy.
Lisa F.

Kris M.

Lisa G.

Christina G.
D'Ann B

Geraldine H.

Holly E.

Ann H.
Workshop portable ironing station

Lyn B.
Sorry about sideways

Ruth Ann R.

Ruth Ann R.

Quilt for Kathryn G.
made by guild members
organized by her sister Marilyn L. 

Cheryl C. 

Darcy D.

Darcy D.

Jill D.

Rachel H. and Dot L. 

Dot. L
I wasn't sure who made the quilt, Rachel H. or Dot L.  They both looked happy and proud.

Rachel H.

After reviewing the pictures for this month, I propose that the "Vanna White" quilt holder position be created.  Thanks Laurie R. for your quilt showing help.

Remember the May social, see you there.

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