Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Social

Quilts of Valor
The guild has presented 11 quilts to veterans.  Today two were presented.  Debbie W. has worked tirelessly to  keep this project moving forward.  Thanks for quilt blocks, fabric, quilting, and donations from guild members.
Veteran Calvin Douglas Tebbs
 Calvin Douglas Tebbs joined the Naval reserve in high school.  After graduation he served 2 years active duty including time in Viet Nam.  He served in a special operations unit on the Vietnam/Cambodia border.  He is an active member in the Veteran's of Foriegn Wars.   After his service in returned to Utah.  He and his wife have 3 children.  He is Joan Merrill's brother and she introduced him.

Veteran Eugene Michaelis
Eugene Michaelis is a 91 year old World War II vet.  He served in the Marine Corp.  He served in the Mojave Dessert, Marshall Islands, and Okinawa.  He was introduced by his son.  Eugene was married on leave in California.  After the war he had a career in the trucking industry.  He has 8 children.  His son accompanied him and introduced him.  His son also served in the military in the Viet Nam War.  This past year Eugene was able to participate in and Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

Challenge Quilts
Create a quilt from a photo or other inspiration.

Milky Way


Melanie L.

Balanced Rock photo
Carol A.

Color swatch inspiration
Ribbon Star

Farm Fields
Judy C.

Darcy D.
Flamingo inspiration

Memories of France
Julie M.
Honey Comb
Lisa G.

Street Graffiti Inspiration
Jessica P.

Other quilts

Carol A.

Rachel H.

Cheralynn S.

Kris M.
Fav 5
Diana King was featured.  She loves to play racquet ball every morning with a friend.  She has a degree in math education.  Her collection is recipes and she loves asparagus.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas.  Her claim to fame was dinner with Elder L. Tom Perry in his home when she was in high school.  She showed many fun creations but said she gives most of her quilts away.  One quilt had buttons that she made.  The flag quilt is a picnic quilt made for a family member.  Diana is a great member of the guild and it was wonderful to get to know her.
She passed the Fav 5 to Jolene Hill.

Show and Share



Jolene & Melanie
Friendship blocks

Julie M.

Rachel H.'s
amazing Hexi ball

Jolene H.
hopefully fade proof quilt
for her porch

Marilyn G. Wool stitchery case, pattern by Leisa F., Black Sheep Woolens.

Inside of stitchery case

Ann H.

Ruth Ann R.

Donna T.


Lisa H.
Spectrum graduation gift

Chris H.

The Needle is passed Laurie R., President for 2105 - 2106

Melanie's beautiful thank-you quilt

The new board was introduced for next year.

Have a great summer and "We'll see you in September"

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