Friday, August 28, 2015

New Quilts of Valor 2015-16

Quilts of Valor

This year we will continue doing Quilts of Valor for those interested in being involved.  It is completely voluntary and Needles and Friends have graciously agreed to allow us to put the information on the blog for those that choose to participate.
We have streamlined the process and have chosen simple blocks that shouldn’t occupy too much of your time.  You will receive one notification for the blocks due Oct-Nov-Jan.  You can do them all at once (took me an hour) or you can do them month by month.  We still need to collect them monthly so we can be working on them one quilt at a time instead of all at once.  In January, you will receive one more notification for those next 4 months.  Same process to make and return.

Volunteering comes in many forms.
Sewing Blocks
Assembling the blocks into a quilt
Machine quilt a quilt
Bind quilt
Donate money or red/white/blue fabric

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need the templates or fabric we have agreed to provide. Also let us know if you want to participate in any of the volunteer ways listed above.
Thank you for being helpful, generous, and supportive.

Alice Cowley   435-770-2580
Debi Weston  435-890-3106


SEPTEMBER   PLEASE MAKE YOURS BLUE, and utilize the tan squares provided for the “white”in
the photo. I prefer the blues  to be different if possible.  Cut out (4) 6 ½” blue squares.  Place a tan
block in opposite corners and stitch the tan block on the diagonal.  Fold over and press.  Trim the
tan inner layer.  Sew the four blocks together to make an “X”: (Blue to blue and tan to tan.)  When
you are done, block should measure 12 ½” square. Please return block by October guild meeting.

OCTOBER  Cut (3) different strips of RED  and (2) different strips of BLUE each measuring 3” x 13”.
Sew them together on the long side beginning and ending with the red strips. When you are done, block
should measure 13”  square.
Please return block by November
guild meeting.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER   Use template provided to paper piece the block. 
Or cut them apart and use the individual sections as a template. (Don’t forget to add seam allowances
where you join the templates. Because this is a paper-piece template, it is a mirrored image.
Use the WRONG side of the paper if you cut it apart into separate sections.)   Use white or tan or
cream in the middle. These middle strips can have a simple red or blue print in them as you can see
in the photo. When you are finished, the block should measure 6 ½” square.  We need 80 of the blocks,
so make at least 4 if you can.  We will put them together to make the “stars”. Please return blocks
by January guild meeting.

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