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November Quilt Guild 2015

Upcoming events:
Tea Towels examples
The next workshop will be on Wednesday, November 18th at 10 a.m.  It will be at My Girlfriends Quilt Shop in the Attic.  The class will feature Tea Towels taught by Kris Thurgood.  There will be a brunch served.  Participants can bring scraps from your stash and embellishments.  The towels are approx. $4.25 each.  Angie will send an email to everyone that signed up.

The annual guild Christmas Social will be December 8th.  It will be Tuesday, December 8th at the Logan Golf and Country Club (located on 400 North before you go down the hill to First Dam).  The cost is $20 per person for the luncheon.
There will be a display of Homemade Santas, please bring yours to show & share.
You can purchase small candy canes for $5 each.  Everyone who purchases a candy cane will be in a drawing for a holiday quilt.  (If this is confusing just think raffle)

Candy Cane drawing quilt
There will also be time for Show and Share.

Quilts of Valor
Debi W. updated us on the latest Quilts of Valor Presentations.  Carma W. was part of a presentation of quilts to 6 veterans.  An article was published in the Deseret News on Nov. 17 about the event.  Six quilts were presented to local vets in North Logan.
These are photos from the article.

Carma W. and Debi W.
talk about the event
Thanks to everyone who generously contributed time, funding, and talents.

Modern Friendship
Emily encouraged everyone to keep working on the Raspberry Kisses blocks.

Christina G. and Emily

Betty from the Utah Quilt guild brought information about the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction. The event is held bi-annually.  The show is November 13 - 20 at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City.  The quilts will be auctioned off on Saturday the 20th.  

Row by Row
Lauri R. and Judy B

Sue B. Tips and Tricks
Today Sue showed several tools that she uses for paper piecing projects.  A small side by side cutting and pressing board, a clover mini-iron, and a mini rotary cutter.  She has all of the tools close to her machine and can work on the blocks without moving from her machine.  However if you want to loose 5 pounds per quilt option you can skip the tools and get up and down with each step!

Side by side Omni grid
cutting and pressing board
Fav 5
Sheila Jaques is a new member of the guild.  She lives in Pleasant View, Utah.  She joined the guild because she wanted to participate in the Nearly Insane project this year.  She is Jolene H.'s Aunt.
Her current favorite technique is paper piecing (she also said she is a perfectionist).  Her pet peeve is loose threads on projects, she clips and gathers all threads as she sews.  She collects thoughts and quotes and her gift basket related to several.  One was 10 pennies.  Each morning place 10 pennies in your left pocket.  Transfer a penny to your right pocket when you do a random act of kindness that brightens someone's day.  She loves to make lists.  She will share most everything with her grandkids except her popcorn.  She loves small sharp scissors.   She also loves M & M's.  Welcome to the guild it was great to get to know you.  She passed the opportunity to Jolene Ripplinger.

Block Jack There were 22 adorable airplane blocks in the drawing.  Lyn B. was the delightfully joyful winner.  

Nearly Insane participants show off their amazing blocks for this month.

Shanna G.,  Cheryl C.,  Lisa H.,  Ineka, Judy C.

Joleen R., Jacque S. Judy B.
Judy C., Joleen R., Jacque S., Judy B.

Next month's
Nearly Insane Blocks
Jolene H.  shared a little big of advice.  The block on the lower left will require careful stitching.  She said that two thread widths on each section would make the block too large!  Two thread widths?  Who can see two thread widths?  How many pieces are in the block?  
If you are not Nearly Insane to be involved in this project, you will be TOTALLY INSANE!
Follow Jolene Hill on Pinterest for more block information.

Show and Share
Ruth Ann R.
Red Button Quilt projects

Ruth Ann R.
Red Button Quilts

Ruth Ann R.
Red Button Quilt project

Marilyn G.
apron made from a man's shirt
**I will post instructions later

Marilyn G.
Mom and Me aprons
for Christmas gifts

Marilyn G.
Mom and Me aprons
for Christmas gifts
Melanie L
"a tuck the size of Texas" which she couldn't find

Geraldine H.

Judy B.
Infinity Bag
with priceless focus fabric
Her 9 yr. old Prinary class
will certainly pay attention
to anything that comes from this bag!

Shanna G.

Marilyn D.
Embroidered blocks by her 94 year old mother

Collete M.
Infinity bag

Joleen R.

Joleen R.
Infinity bag using
the challenge fabric

Another sewing case
from the left over fabric

A Binder kit
the pattern is online
Goody Goody Binder Kit

Julie H.
Lunch and Learn project

Julie H.

Emily B.
Adorable ukelele cases for her daughters
SH-H-H-H they are Christmas gifts
Lisa H.
Yes, those are yo-yo's

Infinity bag
for her knitting

Debi W.

Sue B.

Sue B.

Sue B.

Darcy D.
A memory quilt
given to her parents at the conclusion
of their mission in Fiji

Darcy D.
an amazing quilt
from her parents mission in Fiji
Service projects

CAPSA charity quilt tops

"When we are helping we are Happy"

Zan Merrill thanked everyone for donating hundreds of eye glass cases for an eye glass service project in Mexico.

Thanks for a great morning with quilting friends!

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