Monday, January 4, 2016

December Christmas Social

 The annual Christmas Social was held on Dec. 8th.  I am sorry I haven't got the details because I lost my notes (and my mind) over the holidays.

Quilts of Valor

Kathryn G.
Quilts of Valor experience
Quilts of Valor project
Fat Quarters
for Name Tag winner
Laura Lee

Joleen R. was featured in Fav 5.  She grew up in Fillmore, Utah and came to Logan to attend school.  She met her husband here and has lived here since.  She passed her Fav 5 basket to Collette M. (another Fillmore native).

Joleen R.
Shared some beautiful quilts
Block of the Month
Lyn B.
Nearly  Insane group of paper piecers, it is nice to see that they are still smiling.

Show and Share

Angela F.

Shanna G.
Sweet memory quilt for her mom

Quilt label tells the story

Alice C.

Alice C.

Ruth Ann R.

Ruth Ann R.

Lisa F.
Lisa F.
Lisa F.

Lisa F.

Sue B.

Holly E.

Anne E.

Anne E.

Anne E.

Santa paid a visit
Gingerbread cake for dessert

Rosemary Tree Center piece
and door prizes

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