Monday, January 11, 2016

Quilts of Valor January block


January (48 blocks needed)  Use blue-starred triangle provided.

Cut from white/cream (1) 2 ¼”x 18” A 
                                          (1) 2 ¼”x 12” B                                      
                                          (1) 2 ¼”x 6”   C                                         
Cut from red: (1) 2 ¼”x15” D                                        

                     (1) 2 ¼”x9”   E       

Center strip A on long side of triangle and stitch        
Center strip B  on long side of triangle and stitch
Continue this pattern with the remaining strips C  through E.  Press and square up block to 10 1/2 " using your blue triangle as the beginning point.

When you finish your block it should be  10 1/2" square.

PLEASE return your block to the February meeting.


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