Thursday, March 10, 2016

March Guild meeting

Quilts of Valor
Debi W.  Showed three more completed quilts.  She and Alice are providing amazing service.  Here are three beautiful quilts that are completed.

Blocks to be completed in March: 140 needed
Cut (3) 2 1/2" strip of red, white and blue.  The white/tan may be small print.  Sew the strips together in red/white/blue.  Cross cut the strip into 6 1/2" squares.  The number of squares you get will depend on the width of the strips.  Please return the blocks by April guild meeting.  

April  Cut 5 1/2 red, white and blue squares.  Variety is the key.  Bring the squares to the May meeting.

$$$$ Money can be donated for Backs, Binding, and Borders.

The guild workshop for March 22 is a service opportunity.   We will be making pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles which provides pillow cases for children in hospitals.  Bring your own fabric and come enjoy time together.  Each pillow case requires 3/4 yd. main body fabric and 1/3 contrasting band.  
Pillow cases for boys are always needed.  

April 26th Workshop will be the Cobblestone pattern.  You can purchase the pattern with templates at Bernina.  Have enough 9 patch blocks sewn together for our complete "round".  

Challenge Projects are due next month.  Please bring them early for "judging".  The challenge was to include a floral print by AdornIt and jumbo gray rick rack.  It should be fun to see the creative projects.

Tips and Tricks  It was all about water.  Sue had various trick questions and the bottom line was that when you are pressing quilt blocks DO NOT USE STEAM!!!   Stay tuned for the next big reveal of how to get hard water deposits out of your iron.  
Best Press application tip:  don't spray directly on the block but use the gently falling spray technique.  I can't explain it.

Additional info. on oversize backs for machine quilting machines.  
Throw or Baby  3" each side
Double or Queen 4" each side
King 5" each side

The Fav 5 feature today was Cindy H.  Her love for stitching and sewing is tied to her Idaho dry farm roots.  She remembers her grandmother spending the day out on the dry farm with her grandfather while he worked.  Her grandmother prepared a lunch and sat in the car and did "hand" work while she waited for him.  
Theresa I. is her mentor and friend.  She has learned paper piecing and loves it.  So,  she is not "Nearly Insane" but totally gone.  Her pet peeve is unpicking which she does regularly.  Her prefect day is everyday because she loves, family, friends, cooking, etc.
She tries to find balance in her life with sugar and salt.  Next Month will be Angie F.
It was great to get to know you!

Cindy H. loves bees

Speaking of Insane the Sisterhood of the Nearly Insane convened to show off their paper piecing skills.  The blocks are AMAZING!

Shanna, Joleen, Judy
Ineka, Cheryl Jacque

Next month the prize drawing among the Sisterhood of the Insane will include anyone who has completed any blocks not just the current month.  The new patterns for next month are #27 - #30.  Visit Jolene Hill on Pinterest for photos.  

Angela F. reminded us about the Spring Social will be held on May 10th.  It will be at the church that is west of Sky View in Smithfield, 451 South 250 East.  The menu will be soup, salad, and rolls.  There will be sign-up sheets at the April meeting.  The theme will be vintage.  

Show and Share
Jolene R.
Emily S.
18" doll sleeping bag
Julie H.
Farm Girl
Sue B.
Lori R.
Lori R.
Holly E.

Ann and Carma show
Ann's batik art
Carma W.
Lara Lee's
log cabin chicken pin cushion
Interior of the zipper bag
by Lara Lee
Shanna G.
Emily S.
Laura Lee's zipper bag

Cheryl C. 
Melanie L.
Does it remind you a wall spackle?
Judy B.
Judy B.
Amy M.
Joan M.
Vintage 50's
Joan M.
Friendship Blocks from last year
Judy B.

Happy Quilting to you!

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